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The main charaters of ZIM


Zim is a short, green ailen invader trying to take over earth.ZIM, it's not easy being green is it? Or short,having a robot slave made of JUNK,having the-Dib know your an ailen trying to take over the human race!!! Zim is a short, green ailen invader trying to take over earth. Living on Irk, a planet where you are judged by how tall you are. NOT knowing that the TALLEST sent you to Earth to get rid of you twice. After that mis-understanding in operation Impending-Doom 1. But, you do have a cool house and voot cruiser with advanced technology.You'll never stop trying to take over Earth,will you ZIM? After that, he'll probably take over the BEES, right?
Quote: "My buisness is done!"


Dib.Someone has to save Earth, and unfortunatley that is Dib. It must get pretty depressing, not being able to stop Zim at a single scheme. Dib is the only earthling that knows Zim is really an ailen. Dib has a big head, so big that people notice his enormous head more than the intelligent brains that lie inside it. But he has cool boots and a cool coat,too.Dib is the older brother of Gaz and the son of the famous Prof. Membrane. But Dib's last name isn't Membrane... one of lots of strange things about Dib...
Quote: "And you'll look over and I'll be there...doin' stuff"


G.I.R,Gir. Zim's zo-called S.I.R.. The TALLEST said he was advanced(liars). What does the G stand for?, beats me but I think it's GARBAGE because that's what little Girs are made of. Gir is a cute, loving, crazy S.I.R gone bad. Gir loves pizza. His suit is a dog's with thumbs. Whenever Gir's eyes are red, that means he's serious.Whenever they are blue, he's his crazy old self. Wherever Gir is i can bet that a few rubber piggies are not too far away. Did i mention that Gir is a crazy...thing!!
Quote: " Do a little dance"


The TALLEST rulers of the Irken Impire!!The TALLEST Red & Purple. One LOVES lasers..the other does not. Red & Purple both dis-like Zim.1: beause he is short,2: because he destroyed his home planet in Operation Impending Doom 1 (by accident). Being the TALLEST means you are very tall and can boss shorter ailens around. Also, if you are the TALLEST you get a levitation belt so you don't have to step on the dirty floor everyone else does. After O.I.D.1 the TALLEST sent Zim away on purpose, Zim found out about that and that he wasn't invited to the 2nd Great Assigning and came saying that it must have been a BIG mistake. That's also when the TALLEST gave him a sandwich.
Quote: "What?, you have your sandwich!"

More Charaters coming soon! If you'd like to add a charater, e-mail me with the charater's information and picture( optinal)!