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Episode Info

"Invader Zim" takes over your television every friday night!

Okay..."Invader Zim" airs every Friday night on Nick's (channel 33)"Totally Twisted Telly!". Other shows air BEFORE Zim, though."Totally Twisted Telly!" starts @ 8:00p.m. But Zim's exact time is 9:00p.m.. Hope That Helps!


Favorite Episode Of Zim:
"A Room With A Moose"

But, it was pretty tough picking.I do think "Bloaty's Pizza Hog" and "Rise Of The Zitboy" were really cool too. But MY favorite is "A Room With A Moose" I thought it was sooo funny and cool, too! e-mail me for Your Favorite episode and please include a small caption and desired username. Thanks!