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Welcome to the Pustulio Invader Zim Site!

Welcome invaders!(and those who are foolish to be on Dib's side). This is Pustulio-> He will be seen alot on
Zim-Pustulio, obey him!!! Well anyway that-> is ZIM.(Obey his fist). They will be guiding you along this site and giving quotes and things...Oh no! My computer, it's it's AHHHHH!!



This Zim/Pustulio site is new and much more things will be added shortly.You can contact me @ if you have anything you would like to see on Zim/Pustulio, add or if you have any questions, there you have it.

Impending Doom to all,- Invader Stan

Old TV set; Actual size=180 pixels wide

A snapshot of Zim & G.I.R,(In their disguises,;)wink;!

Join the Invader Zim Ring, human stink!